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Thamesdown Today
Thamesdown Transport is a private limited company formed under the Transport Act 1985 to take over the bus operations of the former Thamesdown Borough Council (now Swindon Borough Council).
We are a commercial company run under the guidance of our own Board of Directors, which includes non-Executive Directors nominated by the Borough Council. Swindon Borough Council is our sole shareholder, but we have an ‘arm’s-length’ relationship as required by the Act, which means the Council cannot be involved in the day-to-day running of the business and must treat us no differently from any other bus company when it comes to awarding contracts for bus services.
Thamesdown is the largest provider of local bus services within the Swindon urban area, employing some 250 people and running a fleet of 85 buses which cover over 3.5 million miles a year. All of our buses are now of the easy access low floor type.
Our school bus double deckers carry over 400 children to school each day and we also run a number of staff buses for workplaces.
We are locally-owned, locally-managed and an integral part of the Swindon community.
Our senior management team is based at Barnfield Road depot:
Managing Director – Paul Jenkins
Commercial Director – Peter Oliver
Executive Director & Financial Controller – Cliff Connor
Head of Engineering - Dave Spencer
Our Statement of Purpose is:
- To provide a safe, high quality and reliable bus service for Swindon
- To meet our customers’ needs and to exceed their expectations
- To be profitable
- To minimize the environmental impact of our operations where possible
- To engage with our stakeholders and adopt a partnership approach with the local authority.
We canvass the views of our customers on a regular basis. In our last survey 88% of respondents to our survey felt that Thamesdown was as good as the year before, or better. 97% felt our reliability was adequate, good or very good and 92% felt the same about our punctuality. 20% of respondents had access to a car but chose to use our bus services.

Brief History

Early Years

On 22 September 1904 Swindon Corporation opened its tramway system in the town with a depot in Corporation Street.

During 1927 the first motor buses were introduced to cover the areas not served by the trams. Additional buses were bought in 1928 to serve the expanding Swindon Borough boundary.
The trams were replaced by buses between 6 May and 11 July 1929, when the last tram ran.

1940s and 1950s

During the second world war several bus services were curtailed. However, new factories were built around the outskirts of Swindon to aid the war effort with new and expanded services to these sites for workers.
In 1940 women conductors were taken on to replace men called up for military service.

In the 1950s the town expanded and new areas served were Penhill, Walcot East, Lawn, Park North and Park South.

1960s and 1970s

The town continued to expand in the 1960s with the Princess Margaret Hospital, Covingham and Greenmeadow joining the network.

The first service to be operated by the driver only (i.e. without a conductor to take the fares) was started on 4 May 1969.

On 1 April 1974 Swindon Corporation Transport was renamed Thamesdown Transport following the major reorganisation of local government.

1980s and 1990s

From the early 80s a coaching fleet was built up undertaking private hires, coastal expresses and holiday tours. All such activities were stopped in 2002 so that the company could concentrate on its core business of local bus services.

On 27 September 1986 Thamesdown Transport became a limited company at ‘arms length’ from the owning borough council ready for deregulation.

Deregulation of local bus services came into effect on 26 October 1986.

In the 80s Thamesdown’s buses became a familiar sight in rural areas around Swindon operating various replacement services which had been withdrawn by Bristol Omnibus.
In 1996 the first ‘low floor’ buses were introduced and today all our town services are operated by these types of buses.

The new millennium

Services in the early 00s were expanded to serve the new north Swindon housing developments.

In December 2002 the town network was revised to serve the new Great Western Hospital at Common Head.

We celebrated our centenary in 2004. Events during the year included a talk about the trams, vintage bus services around the town, an exhibition at the Steam Museum and a special bus rally held at the Wroughton Science Museum on 12th September.

In July 2005 we vacated our Corporation Street depot and moved to a new modern purpose built one at Barnfield Road.
In November 2011 we won the 'Top Shire Operator' and 'UK Bus Operator of the Year' titles at the 2011 UK Bus Awards.
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